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an overview of our security work

All security work is performed by International EP LLC (Security Agency License #B1200133). International EP LLC offers highly trained professional Certified Protection Specialists™ who are ready and available to meet and exceed your security needs. International EP LLC is headquartered in Clearwater, FL and offers security services in Pinellas, Pasco, Hillsborough counties, the Tampa Bay area, throughout Florida, as well as the U.S., and internationally. Whether you need local, national, or global security, International EP LLC can provide you with the security you need to give you peace of mind.

The safety of our clients and the protection of their assets is our #1 Priority.

International EP LLC offers contract security, commercial security, residential security, retail security, event security, armed security guards (G licensed security guards), unarmed security guards (D licensed security guards), executive protection agents, close personal protection officers, security experts, security consultants, bodyguards, and more. International EP LLC helps protect people and property and act as a visible deterrent to help prevent situations before they occur. When necessary, they are highly skilled and able to diffuse situations for the best possible outcome.

International EP LLC's security team has handled security for private individuals, business executives, CEOs, models, celebrities, VIPs, politicians, dignitaries, as well as businesses and corporations of all sizes. Their staff consists of security experts with nightclub security, property security, home security, residential security, commercial security, hotel and resort security, personal close protection, executive protection, proactive tactical property and personal protection, and event security experience. Many of these Certified Protection Specialists™ also have military and law enforcement backgrounds, and/or extensive firearms training, and are highly trained in Tactical Gun Takeaway & Defense.

International EP LLC has handled event security for private events, VIP events, special events, sporting events, corporate events, civic events, major national political events including the Republican National Convention, and more. International EP LLC's staff have worked with high-profile cases, domestic violence situations, workplace violence, federal court cases, federal inmate security, federal inmate transfer, and other situations requiring extreme discretion.

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