Celebrity & VIP Bodyguards

International Executive Protection & Consulting

International EP LLC specializes in providing highly trained bodyguards for celebrity, VIP, and dignitary protection. Our management team represents decades of combined security management and executive protection experience. We are confident that as your vendor of choice for professional security services, you will benefit from our expertise and dedication in assisting you with all of your security services.

We are not only familiar and experienced with working with high-profile clients, our sister company, International Executive Protection, is the premier bodyguard training agency. Our team of highly trained Certified Protection Specialists are experienced and instructed in “Tactical Gun Takeaway and Defense” as well as professional security protocol.

Due to the confidential nature of many of our clients, we cannot release a full client list, however the management team of International EP LLC has provided highly-trained bodyguards for celebrities such as Michael Jackson, Paris Hilton, Jenna Bush, Chuck Liddell, General Colin Powell, Marie Osmond, and worked with John Travolta, Kevin Spacey, Stephen Baldwin, many A list Bollywood celebrities, several Governors and other politicians, high profile VIPs, dignitaries, and more.

We have also fulfilled security needs for dignitaries at public and private events nationwide including for the NFL, MLB, NHL, PGA, local events including the RFC, WCFL, celebrity performances, and other high-profile events including the 2012 Presidential election, the 2012/2013 Republican National Conventions, and the 15th Annual International Indian Film Awards (IIFA-Bollywood Oscars).

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