Executive Protection

International EP LLC

International EP LLC offers high level expert security and protection services for individuals, small businesses and corporations alike in the greater Tampa area.  As a fully licensed security and executive protection agency in Florida, our team of highly trained Certified Protection Specialists™ are experienced and instructed in “Tactical Gun Takeaway and Defense” as well as professional security protocol.

International EP LLC specializes in providing highly trained executive protection and close personal protection specialists. Many high-profile, affluent and/or VIP executives find peace of mind in having personal security and/or executive protection, during important business meetings, traveling, and for protective services at home or at the office. Due to the confidential and discreet nature of many of our clients, we cannot release a full client list, however the management team of International EP LLC has provided highly trained protective service professionals for many high-profile, affluent, and/or VIP executives, celebrities, or people with a high media profile.  We have also fulfilled security needs for dignitaries at public and private events nationwide.

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