Security Consultations

International EP LLC

International EP LLC offers expert Security Consultations, Threat Assessments, and Risk Assessments for a variety of situations and circumstances. Threats ranging from global terrorism to workplace violence have forced companies and institutions to take a closer look at their security programs. International EP brings innovation to the field of security consulting by employing a proven risk-reduction methodology to aid our clients in the development and establishment of effective and cost-efficient security measures. In assessing clients’ needs, we dedicate our attention to ensuring that prudent security decisions are based on a thorough analysis of current conditions and that recommendations are appropriate to the level of threat. Further, we develop and provide training on a full scope of security policies and procedures to enable our clients to be prepared for such matters as emergency management, business continuity and other security matters.

Our goal is to assist in earning the loyalty, trust and respect of our clients by exceeding their expectations and providing personalized and professional service. Our experts have more than twenty five years industry experience and hold various licenses in security, training, and investigations.

We have worked with several private, corporate, and government clients, as well as law enforcement, SWAT teams, U.S. Marshals, and Secret Service agents.  Our team has experience in many high-profile and high-risk situations including Executive & Close Personal Protection, special event security, special operations, VIP/Dignitary/Celebrity bodyguarding, and federal inmate supervision and transfer.  Our instructors have also helped to establish loss prevention programs and provided instruction on terrorism awareness and prevention.  Customized services, training, and/or consultation in State Certified Officer Training, Emergency Response Guides, TAP program , Safety and Security Surveys, First Aid & CPR  and Community Service Programs are also available.

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